Saturday, 14 January 2012

Blogging on a rainy day in Jordan

Sitting down for a moment to write my blog whilst my son plays in his baby walker behind me. He has a very loud voice for someone so small, definatly not a shrinking violet.( which I confess I don't think is such a bad trait) Here there is plenty of house work to do as the dusty enviroment means there is always something to clean. Which in fact has turned out to be an amazing way to get some cardio exsercise FANTASTIC! two jobs done at the same time. :)
I am, at the moment learning Traditional Arabic cuisine from my wonderful mother in law and as one of my new years ressolutions have decided to write some of the scrummy recipies up here on my blog. I definately recomend trying them as they are really delicious. I am hoping to post recipies for the following - Mahlubah, cousa betinjey, addas and for your sweet tooth easy cake. I will also be posting some cute and crafty tutorials during january soo watch this space.!!!!!!

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