Thursday, 26 January 2012

My Internet has been down this week unfortunately so was unable to post anything but its fixed now sooo yayyyyy!!!!!!

Thought I'd post this lovely sunny picture taken in October at Jerash which is quite close to my home. Its an amazing historical site to visit as there is a virtually unspoilt example of a Roman town square which is a serious reminder of the beauty of their architecture and civilisation. I would definatly encourage you to come visit Jordan as Its really a beautiful country full of places like this one. The Jordan weather can be rather hot in summer so for people who  love this its great. At this time of the year the temperature is almost identical to the UK . It rains, and on occasion snows at this time of year so for those people who can't take hot weather its better to go In the autumn winter time. Another place to visit here is the Turkish baths which are in Amman and provide fantastic spar treatment packages (had a day there before my wedding). Amman Is an amazing city where you can find most of the shopping centres and hotels you would find in the western world with the added bonus of Jordan's  delights.
Jordan is a place I have taken into my heart because the culture here is very family orientated and the joy I feel in living here is in the fact that everyone makes you feel so at home . Soooo If you haven't come to visit Jordan  try having a holiday here cos its a really great experience- plus for those who love to shop the near by town of Madabar is where you can get some really good bargins. Go for it in 2012!!!!!!!!!!!

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