Saturday, 28 January 2012

This is a garlic bulb I have managed to sprout ( I am hoping to repot it soon and finger crossed get some garlic growing) Plus I decorated and used an empty baby cerial tub as a plant pot double recycling!!!!!!!

Recycle, Reuse and Reinvent!!!!!!!

This year I am going to double my efforts to recycle my clothes and packages and hopefully play my part to make the world a greener place. So this blog is about making a difference to the environment.

Food waste

In the UK alone they throw away 7.2 million tonnes of food from  homes every year which begs the point- how can we waste less and inevitably save ourselves resources and money? Here in Jordan quite a lot of the work is done as my family in law have chickens and so much of the non meat scraps go to them. The meaty scraps are fed to stray cats who have, over time been taken almost as pets. However if your not so lucky as to have chickens investing in a good compost bin would be amazing as you are getting rid of waste which is biodegradable (not the meaty bits lol) and getting some brilliant free soil for your garden at the same time.

waste clothes and material

There are sooo many ways to re-fashion and reuse materials. Like this rabbit (pictured above) which is made from recycled materials. My dad in law was making some adjustments to a sofa and removed some material from it. I offered to recycle it as it had the feel of suede and I thought It would make a nice toy. So with the scrap material some vintage buttons and embroidery thread and bingo ! a heirloom toy for my son . The beauty of recycling and reusing is that you have to use your imagination and experiment with the fabric and in the end the piece you make will always be unique to you.
Here in Jordan my extended family here take material recycling very seriously. Every piece of clothing which is not wanted by one person is either handed to someone who does want it or taken apart the buttons and fastens removed and the material used for wash cloths in the kitchen or dusters.

Waste packaging

I particularly love taking packaging that would normally be thrown away and turning it into something for my home. The photo above is of a small project which takes no time at all and the really great thing is you can use your imagination.

Tissue box canvases

You need-
empty cardboard tissue boxes
magasine cuttings of pictures you want to use, it's also nice to use captions from newspapers
glue (paper glue works best)
plastic book covering (the sticky transparent plastic material available in most stationary shops)
scrap ribbons and buttons
super glue (for buttons)

1.Its basically about covering the bottom of your box of tissues box with magazine cuttings and words to suit your creative vision. I also covered the sides with aluminium foil.
2. Cover the canvas with your transparent plastic book cover material.
3. Here's where you add the buttons and ribbon. (as you can see I put some buttons, ribbon and a vintage clock face I found at a craft fair.
4 Finally hang using the hole which was used to access the tissues
A piece of art which is free, creative and helps recycle
                    Save the planet !!!!!!!!!

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