Thursday, 12 January 2012

Thursday January 12th
Hi guys :)
Today its really cold in Jordan which even now contradicts my expectations for a desert country as does the rain. Its a wonderful feeling sitting blogging with my cup of Lipton tea (with powdered milk- fresh milk is kinda hard to come by here) listening to the soft lull of my blow heater and the sleep music of my dreaming son. I have the house of a laundrette at the moment as I am drying what in my minds eye equates to a mount Everest of washing (which as its cold is taking longer to dry). Life here is very relaxed but at the same time the days are always full of jobs and bits and bobs I end up doing, not to mention unexpected visitors and trips out so its never dull here. Not to mention my attempts to learn Arabic which are, despite my family here's optimism rather slow. There is some hope though, as a new years resolution of mine to improve has been helped by my recording basic words in my mobile and so I am happily no longer making my sister in laws crazy asking them the same basic words repeatedly lol.
Anyway I thought I'd post a message with a spring time craft to help you forget the cold of winter.
This is a small tutorial for a wind chime I made last year whilst on holiday In England with my parents at the seaside. I used shells from the beach which had holes worn in them from the sea.


  • Plastic bangle (you can get them from most cheap jewelry shops or second hand shops)
  • A square of patterned material which is approx double the size of the bangle (remember you should think about your colour scheme in choosing the material)
  • Wool that matches the material
  • shells with holes in the middle from an obliging beach
  • A large shell with a hole in it for the centre
  • needle and thread to match material
  • scissors
  • 3mm crochet hook
  • wool needle (sharp point)
  1. Trace a circle on the material and cut out.
  2. Make a yoyo (will write a tutorial on yoyos this week)
  3. Meanwhile take your bangle and sc all round it so that it is covered in wool and fasten off.
  4. Here you need to decide what kind of lengths you would like your chimes to be and how many lengths of them. As you can probably see I decided on 6 strands with one centrepiece but its all up to you how many you put.
  5. Once you have decided get your wool and sc into the wool wrapped around your bangle and chain 5-6 and sc through the hole in one of your shells.
  6. This bit is a tiny bit fiddly chain 3-4 to cross the hole in the middle of the  shell then on the parallel side of the shell make one more sc.
  7. Add as many shells as you like using 6 then with the final shell on the thread simply sc in one side and fasten off.
  8. Repeat for as many threads as you would like to hang around the bangle.(tip- make sure all the shells are spaced so that they can easily knock each other)
  9. Take your yoyo and sew it to the top of your bangle wind chime.
  10. If you would like a middle piece - you now get your wool again and sc through the hole in your big shell and then make between 22-25 sc before fastening off. (leave a long thread)
  11. Attach the thread to the middle of the underside of the yoyo and secure with a few stitches and fasten off.
  12. This last step is also virtually up to you I chained about 26 left the 26th chain extra loose missed one chain and double crocheted back to the bottom. You should then have two threads of wool. Thread your wool needle with each thread and pass it through the top of the yoyo to the underside and fasten off tightly. Turn everything the right way and hang. Enjoy!!!!!
I particularly liked using shells as they make such a lovely calm light noise in the wind.
I would love to see some photo's of peoples own chimes you make so please feel free to post them!!!!!

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