Thursday, 19 January 2012

Today is rather a special day for me as its my dads birthday !!!!!. So my first blog today will be to celebrate his birthday and also tell the world how amazing he is.
My dad

Born on the19th of January 1942 , into a working class family with two brothers and a sister.
Who would have thought that this cute little boy would grow up to have such a long and varied career as first a police officer, an education social worker and now a manager of an internationally flourishing business.
 My dad, the man who epitomises the very heart of the word gentleman. Whose kindness and generosity make him a star that makes the world just a  little bit brighter. The father who taught me to dream of the possibilities and not to give up easily. To do jobs quickly so there was more time to relax. To always know my own strength and to be honest with others.
I felt I really needed to write this as I am not in the  same country as him and my dear mum and dedicating this blog post to him on his birthday somehow has made me feel closer to him.

                    Happy Birthday

                       Darling Dad

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