Friday, 20 January 2012

Vintage chic

This post is to show my absolute love for anything vintage. Its amazing what a difference a bit of nostalgia makes to a home. Like this vintage post card I picked up on a holiday in Brussels. I love the expression on this child's face as though he is willing everyone who sees it to smile and be reminded of someone special. Although part of me wonders what he is smiling at. And the inquisitive part of me always causes me to go off into a daze, dreaming up stories about his life. I love mixing modern minimalism with vintage pieces . But not only in the home, in how I dress too. One big thing I realised after reading countless magazines filled with women who bought the best designer vintage  items was that I could do it all just as well through visiting charity shops (like goodwill), car boots and faking it by making my own. (nobody knows the difference and most will be impressed by your artistic flair)
I had the most beautiful but utterly broken silver watch from my grandmother.Who was given it as a birthday present on her 21st birthday. It was engraved on the back 'from mum and dad Dec 26th 1938'. It didn't work and had no straps but I loved it for its emotional and family history value so I put a link on it and turned it into a pendant. :)
 As a final message I recommend you try some vintage tomorrow!!! accessorise with pearls and take a leaf out of coco Chanel's book. Wear that gorgeous vintage broach on your winter coat and you can't help but feel like a film star!!!!!Similarly adding a bit of vintage charm to your  home makes it all the more cosy during the long cold winter so go for it !!!!!(I would love to see any ways you have added vintage fashion to your own homes and personal styles too sooo send me a message and a pic ) :)

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