Friday, 17 February 2012


BB Zak and me have both been under the weather this week. I have a terrible cold and my poor son is teething and has also gotten saddled with the sniffles. So I am getting plenty of vitamin c into my diet and drinking plenty of water to flush away the cold. Zak is needing a lot of TLC at the moment poor little chappy. I hope all his teeth come fast so he gets it over with soon!!!I am really happy his appetite has not been affected by the cold and teething which is a blessing. Mind you some people say that the illnesses children get (colds, coughs, measles etc) help make their immune systems stronger as adults. So maybe there is a positive side to this!
Reflecting on home remedies I love the idea that you can, in essence do the job of more expensive chemical based remedies using ingredients already in your home. Like for example a steam inhaler using heat lotion a bowl of boiling water and a towel ( something I may well do later using a chemical free version with Aloe vera, apricot kernel oil and eucalyptus oil). Its better than chemicals, in the majority of cases at the very least you feel better and its free. What could be better. So today if you have any tried and tested remedies for colds and flu please leave your suggestions in the comments bellow. I am curious to see what your family remedies are.


TraceyM said...


Sorry to hear about your cold. I heard olive leaf extract is very good. Let me know if it works. So glad to see you are passionate about reusing and recycling things too.

Heavenspun said...

Thanks for the remedy will definitely give it a try. Yes I think Its really important to reduce our carbon footprint and save resources and money too. And its wonderful to hear from like-minded people .