Monday, 13 February 2012

The clock in my parents in laws home (I love the beautiful calligraphy on it)

I have done some furniture rearranging today as the side of my son's cot is broken. I took the broken side off added a new cussion and covered it in a blanket and voila !!!! a little sofa chair for me (which I tried out yesterday - while watching a movie and crocheting a cutlery pot for the kitchen with a nice cup of tea, ahhh heaven!!!!) I love the idea of constantly reinventing the space you live in as it keeps your environment fresh. And the beauty of it is you don't have to have a huge budget to do it. This year I have pledged to reduce the amount of waste I throw out and reuse as much as I can. And so I am planning to make all my new decor for my home using recycled materials and second hand- handmedown pieces.

My Challenge to YOU for this year is to reuse as much of the things you normally throw away as you can and - save money (during this world recession), be creative ( which has soo many reasons why I could write a book about it ), Get that feel good factor (its something you created rather than taking the easy route and making your room a photo copy of everyone Else's,) and reduce your carbon footprint. Its an amazing thing to do !!!!. Remember If everyone makes a small change together we can have a huge impact as a collective- just as one small bee cannot make a hive of honey but many together in unison can produce a whole pot!!!!!!!

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