Friday, 3 February 2012

Had a family day today which was lovely. My extended family came to my parents in laws home and we cooked a huge meal of Mansaf- which is mutton slow cooked in yogurt and served on a bed of rice and wafer thin bread.I assure you despite the strange description it is one of the most Moorish dinners ever. Lots of my nieces and nephews running about like headless chicken playing which was great as I love it when the house is full of laughter.
Oh by the way for all people wondering why all the family's at home on a Friday - in Jordan  the weekend starts on Thursday so in essence Thursday is like Friday and Fridays like Saturday. On the positive the weekend starts early but unfortunately the down side is its back to work on Sunday lol. Anyway this afternoon am sorting my wool stash out and wondering where my crochet needles got to (as things tend to loose themselves quite easily while I am busy tidying or trying to find something else- being brutally honest ) . My father in law bought us a beautiful fish tank with some tropical fish in today and some second hand jumpers to take apart and use the wool so a bit like an early birthday. Plus my son really loves the fish!!!!!!

It has been really cold here this week with plenty of rain and am starting to feel like I am back in England . So all the jumpers are coming out not to mention jackets. The idea behind my look being how many layers can I get away with wearing without looking like a bag lady. I think I am going to have a quiet night in with my comfy pjs, a cup of tea, a good TV program and my wool!!!!!!!!!!

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