Friday, 10 February 2012

Happy valentines month

Valentine heart tutorial

This tutorial, as with all the tutorials I will post is a basic idea which can be used in so many ways. I apologise for the photos but I have not got a camera at the moment and am taking my pictures with my mobile. This little heart project is good if you want to give an understated present to someone special. You could sew on a key chain and attach it to your car keys, fill them with lavender instead of stuffing, make two small hearts and make funky earrings. The list is endless BUT!!!!! the most important thing is to use your imagination . So lets get started!!!!!


fabric (anything you like ,I used a piece of scrap fabric this time)
a needle
ribbon, buttons, finishing touches
a fabric pen, pencil 
polyester filling  
  1. cut two squares out of the fabric approx the same size. Turn the material right sides inwards and pin together. Then draw a heart.

2. Sew around the drawn heart leaving a gap (I find that at the top right or left side are good places to leave a gap). Double stitch the final few stitches to strengthen it when you turn it the right way and leave the threaded needle still attached.

3. Turn the heart the right way and stuff with polyester filling.Decorate and your finished !!!!!

This one I am going to give to hang on my wardrobe door, see below the finished heart .
Go on let your creative flame burn bright !!!!!!!!

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