Saturday, 18 February 2012

House cleaning day

Today was my big clean of the week so the whole house got tidied and reorganised. I don't mind cleaning and laundry days as I put on some music, make a list and tick things off as I go along which is quite satisfying. The best part is when I have finished my work in the evening , grab a huge cup of tea and my latest knitting or crochet project and sink comfortably into my sofa for an hour or so before I go to sleep.
Here are a few tricks I use round the house when cleaning to make the environment fresh and clean.

  1. The first thing I do when I start cleaning is open the windows or about half an hour and let the fresh air get into the house.
  2. You can make a home made air freshener using aromatherapy oils diluted in water in a spray container and avoid all the chemical based fragrances.
  3. Burn candles and or incense which not only clears the air it also lifts the mood.
  4. I like to rub small amounts of essential oil into my light bulbs. Mind you this is a small amount I use and using a tissue when the light is off. But afterwards when you switch the light on you will get a lovely burst of fragrance as the oils evaporate.
  5. Using old newspapers to polish glass and mirror surfaces is an amazing recycling use for old papers and surprisingly really gives a good finish.
  6. Adding fresh flowers or green plants to you home environment virtually instantly revitalises the space.
Give it a try and tell me about your own tips for cleaning, refreshing and de-cluttering your nest!!!! and post it to me in the comments below :))))))))))))))

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Julia Schwartz said...

I like to be chemical free in my kitchen. So for disinfecting I use vinegar and peroxide. For stuck on things I use baking soda, for grease I use dish soap. This is also great for saving money.