Saturday, 4 February 2012

Just wanted to officially welcome in February by presenting my lovely husband with this cute and cuddly heart . I am going to hopefully make a batch of hearts for my sisters in law and I will embroider a characteristic I admire on each. I think to have a small reminder that someone recognises your strength is really good especially on those days when the list of undone jobs seems like mount everest.

I am going to start spring cleaning the house this week in an effort to get it completely clean and organised for the new year. Plus going through my old baby clothes etc is good for two reasons - 1. It will give me more space and 2. one of my sister in laws is expecting a baby boy in a couple of months so want to hand down a big case to her. I managed to find the crochet hooks which were as usual right under my nose. Isn't  it funny how when we are young and loose things its because we are carefree and rebellious but the older we get the more we account for miss placing things by saying we are getting on and our memories aren't what they used to be. I personally would like to see people over 30 who loose things about their homes referring to themselves as maturer so wiser but that this wisdom has lead them to a new effortless relaxation about organisation.  After all who wants to get all hot and sweaty searching for that one thing when you could just calmly ask god for a little assistance and make a cup of tea. I think I am an idealist at heart who still hopes to see children say please and thank you and parents playing a teacher learner role. A kind of idealism where you still have men getting up to give their seat to an elderly person on the tube or someone making a random act of kindness just because.
So I would like to challenge everyone who reads this blog to make someone smile today! Doesn't matter who - a neighbour, your granny, a dear friend . Because there is nothing in the world like making someones day a little brighter!!!!!!!

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