Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Turtle love

Last weekend my husband bought some lovely fish and two turtles for our home. My son is totally in love with them. I managed to get a reasonable photo of one of the turtles so thought I'd post it. We are having to be careful with the turtles as one got out the fish tank on its first night here and I found it waddling across my red Ikea rug in the livingroom. The little fellow had a lot of determination which I admired. All the same he's safer in his tank than out lol!!!
The spring cleaning is going really well at the moment ; the only downside is that the list of jobs is so large the end still seems a long way away. But ever the optimist I am getting on with it lol. I like to do a big spring clean every year and reorganise my home. Sort my clothes and put those things I no longer use into a pile. Then either use the material for projects, hand over to a sister in law who likes it more than me or  (if its really not usable anymore) remove the fastens, buttons etc and make dish cloths with it. I am going to attempt to make some window cleaner from the natural ingredients I have in my kitchen so wish me luck . Will tell you how I did :)))

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