Thursday, 16 February 2012

The Woods

This is one of my favourite places in the world- the woodland which is on my parents doorstep. This is the woodland I grew up with, the place which has always been a safe haven for me in times when I needed space and clarity in my life. These are the woods Alison Utterly ( children's book writer) walked through to get to school so they have a Romanticism for me. Not to mention all the times my parents and I hiked through them. My dad usually gave in half way round and I hitch-hiked a piggyback whilst being entertained by his fantastic renditions of the wind in the willows. Mind you usually my dad was simply a puppet as I always directed the stories and he narrated (I remember they all went to the US in one story lol- so no resemblance to the real story of  the wind in the willows, merely the characters).  The woods are incredibly magical for me as the wildlife that lives there is quite tame and every time I have been there the tranquillity rejuvenates me.
I think its important to have a green space to go to when you need to get some clarity. Indeed the colour green is amazing for its rejuvenating propertys. So today I encourage you to go outside and connect with nature. Go smell a few flowers or (one of my favourites - ) grass after a rain storm. Appreciation for the world around you as well as the people is so important for our hearts (continuing this months valentine/ heart theme)
And if you can't get to aanywhere green visualise it. I do this every day as I am currently living in a desert country. So when I need to go to a calm quiet place I think about my woods back in the UK , during a rain storm and imagine the smell of the wet trees and the drip drip of the water falling from the leaves where its collecting. I imagine going for a walk with my mum and her dog on one afternoon and discussing the things I need clarity with and I always feel better after. So why not give it a try!!!!

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