Saturday, 3 March 2012

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What could be better than a blog post about handbags? How about a blog post about handbags made from recycled materials? Save the environment and have a new accessories at the same time. Plus the result is totally unique. So here are a few ideas for you and remember when you make yours to let the child in you do the creative part!!! And most importantly have fun with it!!!!!

Poppy handbag

This handbag is a great example of one way to reuse the canvas shopping bags you get whilst at the supermarket. In the UK there has been a phase of reducing the amount of plastic bags used and so they provided re-usable canvas bags of various sizes at the checkout as an alternative. You can in fact buy them very cheaply online too. I found that the bags are a great base for making a handbag. Plus it takes quite a lot of the work out of it. I simply chose a fabric to cover it ( I found a lovely roll of fabric at my local charity shop - so recycling and charity at the same time ) and found an old pillow case to use as the lining. A bit of spare ribbon and a press stud and bingo!!!
This is another example of the canvas bag idea. But this time a wonderful elderly neighbour I love like a grandma gave me this fabulous vintage fabric to cover my bag with. I think the added buttons add a little bit of quirky flair.

For all knitting enthusiasts I have made this bag from a recycled yellow t-shirt and the handles from a large Salisbury's bag. I lined this bag with some Peter rabbit curtain material from a charity shop to add a cute touch and the button was from a 99p shop.

I absolutely adore plarn (knitted plastic bags). I collect loads of bags all the time. When I lived in the UK I used to collect the charity sacks and use them as they are usually made from interesting coloured plastic. Plarn is an amazing way of recycling plastic bags and reducing your waste as well as creating something quite funky looking. One little tip is that some of the plastic bags these days are biodegradable and if you make your masterpiece out of them they are likely to break down over time. The good news is most biodegradable bags have some indication on them of this fact so you can use these for things like coasters or mats (something you can remake quickly). Which will give you an excuse to reinvent your decor ever time they wear out . Great !!!!!

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