Saturday, 31 March 2012

Easy canvases

This is a really good recycling tip as well as a way of getting some of those fabulous material scraps you bought from the bargain bin in your favourite interior design shop. The recycling bit involves you saving any polystyrene produce boxes. In my case my parents in law bought some large punnets of strawberries and I kept the boxes. Alternately you could use old tissue boxes as I did in a previous post. However when making a material canvas piece its better to use polystyrene as the finish is better. So simply measure your material and make sure that the material covers the sides of your canvas as well as the front. Then get your stapler out and folding the material over the canvas almost as though you are wrapping a present secure all the sides with staples. For a more polished finish you could find a piece of ribbon in a contrasting colour and attach it around the sides and hang. Positioning several together can create a really artistic effect and complement your existing decor. Easy, quick and thrifty and if you get bored you can unpick the staples and you have a completely clean canvas to re-invent again GREAT!!!!!

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