Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Fitness update

Well.... urm..... last week was really difficult as it was 5 people in our family's birthday including me and my son and wait for it ... my husband so steering clear of the home made ice cream cake, birthday cake creme caramel and easy cake was not easy at all. I had a few treats but didn't go overboard. I did get going with the training side and am feeling a lot better as a result. This week I am going to up my game though and will be swapping my white rice for Bulgar wheat as well as giving up sugar in my tea ( this second one is really hard as I love sweet tea). I am also committing to drinking more water.
I think that being a mum has put a new perspective on my fitness levels as I want to be stronger for my son now. So I can keep up with him when he starts walking and play football and badminton with him when he gets older. Plus If I put in the ground work now it will help me have a healthier life when I am older.

This is a bowl of homemade red pepper and tomato soup BB Zak n me shared yesterday yummy!!!!!
 I am currently 61kg, 9st.6 or about 134lbs. I am aiming to loose a couple of pounds only, my real goal is to get fit as well as stay the same weight after weening BB Zak. I am hoping to write a post on my fitness progress every week to motivate myself to keep going soo watch this space!!!!!!

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