Sunday, 11 March 2012

Happy Birthday to me!!!!!

Yes!!!! Today is my birthday!!!! 11th of March. And yes I had a lovely day. My extended family and I will be celebrating all 5 birthdays  this month on a huge Friday party. I can't wait !!!! it's going to be great!!! I am hopefully going to have a new sewing machine this year so I will be able to carry out all my new years resolutions I made concerning adding a few new design features to my home ( new pillow cases,buntings, table clothes and runners etc). I didn't make as much before because my time slots are few and far between and hand sewing large items takes an age to complete. Plus the fact that sewing is not the only crafting I want to do more of this year. Sooooo as today is a special day for me I am encouraging everyone who reads this to use this as an excuse to make something special for yourself. A nice cup of hot chocolate perhaps? or as in my case some toffee popcorn mmmmmm am addicted to popcorn!!!!!!!! You could have a movie night, I know it's a week day but it doesn't have to mean  a late night!!!!Or you could have a long bath with some relaxing music, a cup of tea and a good novel (careful not to drop it in the water).

I think that birthdays are a good time to evaluate our lives, look back at the last year and think about what we want for the future. I also think we consider this more and more the older we get. I certainly am! Life goals and aspirations are being lined up like toy soldiers in the field of my imagination. just waiting for the right time to fire into action and be realised in the 'real world'. And I have every faith that everything I dream of will happen with a little perseverance and time!!!!

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