Thursday, 8 March 2012

International Woman's Day

Happy Women's Day

To all the mothers, sisters, daughters and friends in the world I wish you a Happy International Woman's Day. Today's the day to celebrate all things womanly. And I send a message to all the women of the world that I applaud your strength and stamina. Your uniqueness and variance, your multi-tasking brains and resilience. Your ability to nurture new life and forgive others as well as grow emotionally. Your capacity for joy and laughter as well as sacrifice and empathy. Give yourselves a pat on the backs for all the amazing things you are capable of as women!!!!!!
As it is  Woman's Day I  have decided to send a special  message to my own mum as well as my grandmother.
For my mum- I would like to say really I admire you as a huge pillar of strength  supporting not just me and my dad but so many people both at work and in our family. You have always been an incredible professional role  model with your outstanding careers as a teacher, adviser and now a senior manager in a global health and nutrition company. I am amazed by your ability to juggle so many things at once with such ease every day  and I am so  thankful for being your daughter.

To my grandmother- I love the way you keep me in touch with where I came from and remind me of how standing up for  your beliefs, even when you are in the minority is better for your soul than following the crowd simply to have an easy life. I revere your longevity and the great amount of wisdom you hold. I love you dearly for the memories I have treasured with you growing up.

               HAPPY WOMAN'S DAY!!!!!!

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