Saturday, 10 March 2012

It almost feels like the winter is over!!!!

A ride my father in law bought for his grandchildren
Yesterday we had amazing weather for the Arabic weekend and decided to have a special seafood barbeque. We cooked about 5kg of king prawns in the oven which were gorgeous and a whole salmon on the barbeque. It was one of those memorable types of days when you are amidst good company, have a great setting and delicious food. What could be better!!!!!!Really good seafood is quite expensive here in Jordan. But as there are five birthdays this week including mine we splashed out a bit as  family. Yay!!!!!!

A large patio table was set up outside and we all sat around it to eat the feast. And what a feast!!!!! The air was filled with the most beautiful smells I couldn't wait to try it all. I looked around the table during the meal and was filled with satisfaction to see the smiles mirrored by my own. Everyone helped to clear away the huge amount of pots. And later we all sat outside over a cup of tea watching the children play in the late afternoon shadows. What a lovely end to the day chatting with those dear to me over a hubbly bubbly.

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