Monday, 12 March 2012

Kitchen spring clean!

I rolled up my sleeves and got to work reorganising my kitchen space today. Deciding where to put plates and cups and glasses and wiping all the shelves before replacing everything. I love the satisfying feeling as I watched everything get organised and, for once actually look like the home of someone who knew how to tidy. I really like housework fort this reason. You experience happiness because you are making your home space a nicer place to live in. I am a big advocate of clutter clearing as its psychologically good as well as being an excuse to reinvent my interior through crafting, sewing and knitting and crochet. I usually put some music with a good dance beat on when I tidy up as the work always seems to finish faster, I move faster and I have a lot of fun. not to mention my moving quicker is great exercise!!!!! 
I have been really good on my first day of my regime. I am eating more fruits and veg, cutting fats and my big weakness which is large cups of milky tea with sugar. And I did a bit of cardio this pm so fingers crossed I will continue and be successful.If you have any tips or ideas for my new post-baby lifestyle please write them in the comments box bellow.:)

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