Friday, 2 March 2012

Let it snow let it snow let it snow!!!!!!!!

Today has been my first experience of snow in Jordan. Have to say it was really quite strange seeing such a phenomenon in a middle eastern country. Although I have been assured Its something which happens most winters here. It was glorious to see and we all went outside for a fantastic hour of snowball fights and walking in the snow.
This is one of the local feline inhabitants sheltering from the snow whilst we all had our playtime in the snow. It was so nice to have such a lovely time with all the children and us adults got a chance to become children for a short time and let our hair down. YAY!!!!!!!!!!

Its not as cold here as in the UK when it snows so the quality of the snow is better (not so icy). Its soft and powdery and fantastic for a snowball fight even if so far there hasn't been a huge quantity . It melted away just as fast as it came and a few short hours later its almost gone. BUT , there are a few reports saying there will be some more to come tonight and tomorrow so more fun to be had yay!!! Plus it may mean my husband will take a day off work tomorrow which is a double positive - DOUBLE YAY!!!!!!!

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