Sunday, 4 March 2012

Long distance love

This is a post for all the people who live and work away from their birth countries. Being a British Ex pat all my family live in the UK. For me being able to keep in touch with my mum and dad is really important as I am an only child and I think staying attached to your roots is fundamental to your well-being . I know I pulled away from being too much like my parents when I was younger. but as I matured I realised how much  I could learn from them. As I get older I am more able to value and cherish  the ways of my parents and grandparents. The good manners they taught me and the honesty and integrity they showed me as I grew up.
So today give a moment to those family members who are far away from us and give them a call just because. Do it not just because its good for your emotional health to have a good chat but also because it is proven to  help your immune system if your mood is lifted. Its always a great feeling when someone gets in touch just to show they care. I will be having a good conversation via Skype with my dear mum and dad today, we will swap news and they will get to see their grandson over, yes a cup of tea! lol. I wish you all a happy afternoon of getting in touch, chatting and laughter.

                           Happy Chatting

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