Friday, 30 March 2012

Looking at the positives !!!!!

Feeling totally under the weather AGAIN today. But on the positive It gave me time to stop and  reflect upon my busy life for a moment. What things I want to make for my home this year, my England trip and of course use this horrible bug as an excuse to stay in bed and watch my slumbering baby son. Before I was a mother it was impossible for me to know or understand how much love and emotion I would feel towards this tiny vulnerable bundle which came to me. He is so full of life and so curious about everything about him that it is fascinating to watch. Being able to take time out of all the jobs of life to simply be has allowed me a priceless moment or two with him I will remember when I am an old lady.
Today's post is about making the most of every situation that life throws at us. Generally nobody can predict every challenge which comes their way. But we can change the way we react to it all and so influence the outcome more favourably. Like for example my feeling like an extra from on off the Alien movies ( the ones with things coming out their stomachs ew!!!!) but still realising this is my body's way of telling me to slow down for a couple of days so that it can re-cooperate. I think there is always a positive way of looking at every storm and tempest in life especially as it makes us stronger mentally as well as physically.
So welcome the challenges as without them we would not evolve as human beings and learn to be more resilient and aware.
At this point I am going to collect my huge glass of water and my mobile go cocoon myself in duvet and sleep , heaven. Sweet dreams all !!!

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