Thursday, 15 March 2012

March projects!!!!

I have been really busy this week with  my BIG family Birthday party, and my continuing the spring cleaning fun lol, not to mention I am starting to get Zak's new bedroom/playroom ready. This is a small set of shelves I am making more fun by painting. I wanted to have a peaceful image on it to hopefully inspire my son to relax ready for sleep lol. Which is the reason I chose to paint a sunset on the back. I am thinking about painting the door too so watch this space for photos. I took A-level art when I was younger and I think this project was a good excuse to get painting again.Notice  I have painted my son in the picture (he is sat on a swing). I will post the result when I finish it.
 Today was a blur of cooking and baking all the birthday party goodies. We are making creme caramel, jelly (jello), easy cake, and a huge birthday cake not to mention tabbouleh. My mum in law's kitchen has been a frenzy of activity. With bb Zak sat at my feet playing with a random plastic spoon and having a gurgle-speak conversation with his cousin. It all looks really very delicious although I think tomorrow will have to be a treat day on the new healthy regime. After all a little bit of something sweet occasionally is good for you!!!

My sister in law (the virtuoso of cake making- I lie NOT!!!!!!!!) is modelling Zak's cake on this idea!!!!

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