Friday, 16 March 2012

Our Family Birthday party!!!!!

And what a lovely party we had!!! My sister in law ( a artist in cake making) created this amazing birthday cake incorporating all five ages. It was also in the theme of an all round love of ours -  sweets!!! There were also little touches to symbolise each person the cake was for example mt brother in law is a dentist so there was a fondant tooth on the cake and for my son there was a pair of blue booties and a number 1 candle. The dinning room was decorated with multi-coloured balloons with stars on. We ate very well and laughed a lot. Afterwards everyone moved into the living room to drink tea and watch the grandchildren dance to Arabic pop tunes and chew over the family cud (sos to speak lol)
I really love the fact that everyone helped prepare the food and tidy up after. It was a family day. I took plenty of pictures and small films with my jiffy camera. The weather which was not as bright and perky as we all were didn't have any effect. It was nice to see, from the comfort of our snug warm kitchen as was the whistling wind.
 So Happy birthday to everyone who has added a year to their life number this week!!!!Welcome to a new chapter and a new opportunity for you to explore your potential NOW!!!!!
My sister in law also made ice cream cake which was totally decedent. But a little bit of something sweet is OK on special occasions !!!!!

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