Thursday, 22 March 2012

Palestiniane home remedies!!!!!

Since I came to live here in Jordan I have come to know various home remedies my family in law use when they get the coughs and colds etc of the winter months using things they already had in their kitchen cupboards. So I thought I'd share a few!!!! I especially advocate these as they are all natural.

Black tea and Marjoram for an upset stomach

I am not totally sure why this one works but the marjoram seems to have a soothing effect on the stomach.

Chamomile tea for colds

In this case my family drink the tea made from dried chamomile flower heads and also make a steam inhalation with it. And from experience the steam and chamomile is really good.

Chicken soup

This is a big one for colds and flu. Although it seems to be a globally shared remedy a bit of warm chicken soup whilst cocooned in a duvet in front of the TV is the best way, it seems to get yourself better!!!!!

Aniseed for the winter

Here in Jordan my mum in law and sister in law both make a drink from aniseed  which  they have informed me is really good for cleaning the blood and improving general health. On another personal level find this is really quite refreshing on a cold day when I have been out of the house.

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