Thursday, 22 March 2012

A quick crafty moment

For this crafty moment I am posting 3 projects which are really easy to make and all of them are made from recycled materials.These ideas are the foundations for you use your artistic interpretation and make them yours which is the beauty of them!!!. So lets get crafting!!!!!
The project pictured above is incredibly easy to make. And it is very child friendly so you could make some as a family (just make sure any plastic bag fusing is left to the adults!!!!).

Recycled cardboard Art

Some old cardboard - from a box you no longer need or some packaging etc
Plastic bags with interesting colours
Material with interesting motifs- as you can see I took two appliques from some worn out t-shirts
The plastic net bags which contain citrus fruits in the supermarket - this is optional
Masking tape
Greaseproof paper

How to-
  1. First you cut out your basic canvas shape.
  2. Then cut an extra piece for the back. Work out where the middle of the piece is and mark it with a pen. cut a small hole  out of the card on the mark. This is going to be how you hang it on the wall.
  3.  Alternately you could get a small piece of string and staple it on to the back.
  4. Now at this point you can let your creative juices flow. You could use the greaseproof paper and iron to fuse some plastic bags together and cover your canvas that way. Or you could add an applique. I didn't do this but you could even put glitter on and add a bit of glammer!!!!!!


Buntings are incredibly easy to make and also great for making use of scarps of material. Especially if you have some fabric in your stash which is gorgeous but you don't have enough to make anything big and impressive for your home. All you need is a triangle template you can make in 2 minutes from some scrap card and your away!!!!!!

The plarn wallet/ purse

Again this is soo simple to make, its unique and would be great as a gift for an Eco conscious  friend.


Plarn (very easy to make and in fact really quite therapeutic)
A wool needle
Some adhesive Velcro
Large knitting needles - possibly a UK size 9 or 10

How to -

  1. Knit along piece of plarn. Now how many stitches wide you have it and how long is down to your preferences. If you want a deep pocket to fit more that's great or if you want a small purse for change too. The beauty of this pattern is that its mostly up to you to decide how you want it to be. But bear in mind in the next step you will be folding your piece of knitted plarn over and sewing it together to make sure the folded length is as you would like before casting off. When casting off leave a long piece of plarn at the end as it makes the next stage easier.
  2. Thread the long tail piece of plarn and use it to sew one side of your wallet. use a spare piece of plarn to do the same with the other side and weave in the ends
  3.  The final stage is simply attach your sticky back Velcro and wala!!! you have a wallet/ purse

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