Saturday, 3 March 2012

Raindrops keep falling on my head

And back to the rainy weather again. Today's all blistery and wet. but it may warm up this afternoon so it will hopefully end the day a bit brighter. I really love rainy weather though. I remember when I was a child growing up absolutely loving the smell of the air on a rainy day. Living in the middle of the British countryside afforded me the luxury of experiencing that beautiful musty rain smell full of the aroma of wet grass, wild flowers, hay and muddy earth. Not to mention the farm which was right on our doorstep and stocked with beef cattle, sheep and chickens. The dampness of my hair after a walk in the woods followed by doorstep thick cheddar cheese and pickle sandwiches and warming mugs of steaming tea beside the Rayburn. And swinging my legs as I chewed my sandwich cud and watched our cats snuggle by the stove. The rain always seems to make the world feel more refreshed. Everything glistens after a shower of rain. And the cool temperatures it brings allow us to indulge the hedgehogs in us and wear that old over sized  and comforting jumper we have had for donkeys years, darn our fluffy slippers grab a hot chocolate and veg out with a good book and a warm blanket  or a movie . Ahhhh heaven!!!!!!!.
 I would love to hear about your favourite weather and why? Write it to me in the comments below.

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