Monday, 5 March 2012

Recycled decor

Continnuing the recycling theme of the yesterday I am just posting a couple of ideas for creating some fresh home decor with recycled materials. Above is a picture of a sofa cushion I made from an old material rice bag I simply sewed and filled with stuffing. Its really cute as one side has the brand in English and the other is in Arabic script.  I love the way it looks on my green and blue sofa.

These luminaries were made from orange cartons which had been attached to the wall. They were easy to make and a good use of our old cartons.

 I love these pieces of kitchen art I made from recycled materials. When I lived in the UK my husband and I bought a DVD and CD tower but didn't need all the shelves. So I used the three spare pieces of wood as a base for my  kitchen art. I made some collages using Maggi cube boxes. Maggi is basically chicken stock cubes. I was aiming for something with an Andy Warhol feel to it.
So there you have it some ideas for decorating your nest using recycled materials. And watch this space will be more recycling posts as well as a few tutorials as well so keep posted. And tell me about your recycling ideas and projects. And remember click on the comments below to add your entry.


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