Friday, 2 March 2012

Snowy Times

What a lovey day to be out enjoying the fresh air togged up in my waterproof boots and winter coat , Zak dressed like an Eskimo. I got a sneaky bit of exercise disguised as fun.  And what could be better to end the morning with a nice cup of cardamom tea to drink whilst snuggled up inside watching the cold weather outside.

Cardamom Tea

Milk about 460ml for 2 cups
cardamom pods (4-5)
honey or sugar to taste
tea bags 1 per person


Put the milk in a pan. bash the cardamom pods so they are opened slightly and add to the milk along with the tea bags. Boil for about 5 minutes and simmer another 5 to fully infuse the tea and spice before removing the tea bags. Add honey or sugar to taste and there you have it , warm aromatic tea - great for a cold winter's day .  Especially good with oatmeal cookies!!!

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