Thursday, 8 March 2012

A taste of Britian

This is just one of the fabulous perks with having an incredibly sharp mother in law who can always find things. My mum in law bought some lovely imported cheddar cheese for us this week and as you can see  I got given a  hefty chunk to take home. Which ironically brings us to one of my favourite lazy day meals ever. An old friend of mine taught me this in the UK and I  have totally fallen in love with this moreish combination. And despite initially thinking ewwww a little I discovered how nice it is. OK so first you need Domeo  tomato sauce, cheese margarine and sliced bread. Spread Domeo sauce on one piece of bread and margarine on the other. Then add the cheese to the margarined side and finally top with the tomato bread. Toast under the grill till the cheese is melted. I used to like red Leicester or Cheddar. Serve with a cup of  tea. Not eww in any way you think. but wait!, when eating the toasted sandwich my friend used to dip her sandwich into her tea. Try it because it is soooo nice, after you get over the ewwwww can I ? that is lol.

This was my first English cheddar sandwich in ages so was really nice to share it with bb Zak. bless!!!!

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