Thursday, 29 March 2012

Technical issues lol

I have been having a few issues signing into and then posting pictures on my blog over this week which is why I have not posted much. I was dying to post some of my new photos of the countryside around my house as at this time of year. At the moment the land is covered with a blanket of small white and yellow flowers, not to mention the green. For this brief period the flat lands around my home, which are the majority of the year a parched yellowy plain turn into a lush Vally full of wonderful smells and sights. With the flat topped homes and red roved villas its not that hard to imagine I am in Italy or France and that makes me feel closer to England . At this time of year I turn in to a happy child filling my home with the rich scented flowers and opening my windows every day to let the springtime breeze run through the house. At the beginning of springtime the birdsong seems to get louder and more melodic here and I love eating breakfast in the mornings with my son in my small sun room upstairs and pausing to hear it all in stereo.
I have happily FINALLY started to feel my home is the way I would like it to be. There are still lots of things I would like to make for it but I can see the end result is getting closer to me. I always dreamt of having an evolving living space that had concrete aspects but that had constantly changing features, like the cushion covers and the furnishings. I like to keep my environment fresh and different. I love using the seasons as an inspiration, for example having knitted cushion covers and throws in winter and foliage displays and rubbing tiny drops of frankincense essential oil into my light bulbs for a burst of woody scent.

This spring I am bringing my environment inside and filling my home with the wildflowers as well as making lots of floral decor for my living room. I am planning to make some new covers for my sun room chairs and adding some new pictures as well and will be posting my photos sooooo watch this space!!!!!!!!!

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