Monday, 26 March 2012

A thrifty cushion cover with class!!!!

I have been really very busy over the last few days with more birthdays and continued reorganising my living space. But I caught a moment to blog my latest decor idea which by coincidence is also extremely thrifty too. These are my cushion covers which I whipped up very quickly with the help of my nifty new sewing machine. The thrifty bit is in the fabric I used. I visited a really expensive interior decor shop in the British countryside and as most of us who are on a budget I walked around the exquisitely decked rooms and gazed at the wonderful fabrics and felt my ticky ticker as I read the prices normally. But I have found a light at the end of the tunnel as most shops like this have a bin with cut offs and odd pieces of the designer material. I bought some pieces of really good quality fabric brought it back to Jordan and made a couple of easy covers with it and finished them off with  some brown lace from my haberdashery stash.

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