Sunday, 18 March 2012

The weather can't make its mind up lol!!!!

Some days this spring have been warm and sunny and have suggested that the cold of winter has ceased to be. But then without warning the next day it rains all the day and is so cold that the heat  of summer seems a long way  away. On these days the only thing to do it seems is don my largest most comfy jumper and make myself as busy as I can during the day to keep warm. And in the evening wrap myself up in my winter duvet and snuggle up in front of my blog.
Life here in  the springtime is wonderful as the countryside turns a beautiful green colour when the grass grows after the rains of December-February. Patches of glorious white wild flowers creep across my front garden and the line of rose bushes standing proudly along our drive burst into life  with a vibrant show of crimsons, yellows, pinks and white. There are more days of sunshine and all three houses are frequently adorned with sunbathing washing all drowsing trying to get dry. The food we cook started to become lighter and more refreshing. And the Eskimo togs of winter get packed away and out come the cooler clothes.
Unfortunately It seems we are not quite into spring yet this year but a few more days of warming stews and cosy socks can't be THAT BAD can it? lol But to bring the spirit of the impending spring I am adding a couple of spring recycling ideas to get you in the mood!

Cardigan revamp
Why not brighten up an old cardigan by sewing on a couple of pretty crochet flowers. You can find many lovely free flower patterns  online and it takes less than 15 minutes to make. Its a fantastic quick way to revamp your spring wardrobe without spending much cash.

Cute handbags
This handbag was totally made from recycled materials. The body of the bag was made from knitted t-shirt yarn, the lining was made from some lovely charity shop bought Peter rabbit curtains and the applique  was left over from another project. And who says that all things cute are reserved for all those aged under 10 lol.
Why not use these as inspiration for your own springtime creations! And please feel free to post your pictures of projects in the comments below !!!!

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