Saturday, 31 March 2012

Wonderful evening considering the possibilities

 I have snuggled up with my laptop and a jug of water ( yup am trying to be more health aware :)) and had an inspiration surf of the net to give me ideas for this years projects based on what I am attracted to design wise. I like to take some inspiration from the fashion trends of 2012 but the main influences are my own changing tastes as I think style comes from our own imaginations. A close friend once told me I have a problem with authority lol and I think for me it extends to how society trys to dictate the styles we wear and the way we decorate our homes. I love the idea of having a bit of my charactor imprinted in my home decor and clothes. So remember don't be a cut out !!!!! Express yourself and stand out!!!!!!!After all there is only one person like you on the planet !!!!!!!!!

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