Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Yeasterday's material sort out!!!

Today I decided to sort out the mother-load of fabrics I have been collecting but not using very fast as my hand sewing is incredibly slow. But for my birthday my lovely husband bought me a brand spanking new Singer sewing machine with all the trimmings!!!!! So I can now get on with all the things I wanted to do before but were taking ages. And believe me I will!!!!! So all the materials I hadn't planned to use were categorised into piles and the projects I wanted to do before but was daunted by the prospects of hours of back stitch. It was such a nice experience sitting amidst the heaps of different materials letting my imagination go wild creating new decor and art for my home. First things first! I am going to do some decorating in Zak's soon to be bedroom. I have turned an old cot into a small sofa by taking away one of the sides and am planning to make several covers for the mattress . My idea is to make a play area in the corner using the sofa, a play mat and the play cupboard I am making. And as BB Zak grows he will be able to evolve the area to become a reading corner later.
I have posted a large picture as the letters I have sewn on don't stand out on camera as well as I'd hoped. This was my first attempt at creating my own appliques and I have to say the prospect was more terrifying than the actual making of them. Armed with my faithful interfacing and some scraps of fabric I set to work making a curtain for my sons toy cupboard. This project was fantastic for recycling old materials, I even used a modified wire coat hanger as a curtain rod. It's not completely finished yet as I still have to finish the mural I am painting on the back. The back of the cupboard will be facing Zak's bed so I am painting a sunset . And to inspire peace in his dreams I am painting him on a tree swing watching the day turn to night.

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