Friday, 13 April 2012

A day in the life!!! - My Jordan home

8:30ish breakfast

I have taken to getting my son ready for the day and heading over to our tiny sun room to eat breakfast. That way I can spot my sister in law leaving home to go and see my parents in law and say good morning to her. During the warmer months this room is going to be a haven of relaxation for me.I can already see myself with a cuppa, milling over some new posts on my favourite blogs or reading a book. I usually get my son's car seat out and use it as a feeding chair for him. I 'bib him' and present him with some culinary delight I have made that morning. Sometimes bread and jam, sometimes halalwi, sometimes the same as my own breakfast usually washed down with some warm milk in his baby bottle.

Peeling, cutting and freezing carrots for Mahlubah

9:30ish Daily visit to in laws

I usually go and say good morning to my parents in law and take their grandson to see them. This is a good time to help out a bit with the jobs there as they have a large house. Its also a fantastic opportunity to see what my mum in laws plans for the day are as well as what she wants to cook for the main meal. At this point I usually decide if I would like to cook with her or not as well. I really love making dinner at my mum in laws home as it serves as a lesson in Arabic cuisine as well as a good excuse for a chat over the kitchen table. As our family here is Rather large the fruit, veg and meat are all bought in bulk. This means that in order to reduce the amount of wastage we all congregate together and share it all out evenly and then freeze everything in pre-portioned batches. I find this extremely useful as when I want to cook a quick dinner and am not in the mood for peeling carrots its all ready prepared in the freezer.

Lunch time

Bb Zak and me usually have a small lunch which comprises of something light like a sandwich or some salad. I try to make sure my little man gets some fruit for pudding and plenty of liquids (water, juice). Then depending on how sleepy he is after his mornings exertions he has a nap or has some play time in his bedroom.

Afternoon Jobs

The afternoon is reserved for tidying up and getting as many jobs done as I can (washing, hoovering, cleaning etc) I usually put the daytime MBC sitcoms on in the background as a bit f comedy. The American sitcoms vary from The Vampire diaries and The ringer to the totally cringe worthy acting of Days of our lives (And although I am quite horrified by the fact the last shows plot line however unrealistic has kinda got me at the moment - I know). Sometimes I put on an Arabic and western music channel called FM- First Music and bb Zak and I dance around the living room. I am starting to give my son more space to move about in our home to encourage him to walk more. This new stage of his development has its rewards in the million which thankfully overshadow the fact that I have had to re-arrange most of the breakables on display so his tiny hand don't get into contact with them (safety first!) 

Early evening workout

As most of my day is filled I find this time period between housework and my husband coming home is a great time to get my fitness sorted for the day. Its a special time for me as I find it de-stresses me and gives me an energy boost fort he end of the day as usually I still have a few more things to do before I can finally don my pjs and snuggle up on the sofa with a hot drink and my family before bed.


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