Thursday, 5 April 2012

Feeling positive about my fitness future

At the mid point of my first week of work outs I feel a lot better. Although having 48 hours off is making me a little impatient to exercise again (well its fun !!!). My new eating is doing well as well. I have committed to smaller portions, more raw veg and fruit and drinking more water. This feel a to be an extremely do-able target as well as working out 4-5 days a week and having one treat day. One of my biggest vices is sugar in tea- especially large mugs of milky tea with sugar is heaven but I had to cut down the amount I drank a day as they were a bit addictive.
I think the most important thing in maintaining a good weight for myself is balance. A little bit of the fun foods which aren't so healthy and a whole lot of the super fun healthy ones. I have only just started trying to finally get myself to a place where I am consistently a weight I am happy with that is healthy. All my life I have had problems at one extreme or the other. Eating nothing and becoming very thin or eating more than I need to and getting a little over weight. And both polarities caused just as much anguish for me till I decided I had to love myself enough to give my body just enough of what it needed.
So here I am feeling as though I will get stronger and fitter with my plan and looking forwards to the journey just as much as the result. I will hopefully be going to see my parents in the UK in August so that's a good first target date to get really fit for. Especially as I will have to be really strong- my mum's cooking is seriously to die for so will have to be strict or else I may put on a stone during my visit loll.

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