Thursday, 17 May 2012

Long time no see!!!!!!!

Yes it has been ages and ages since I last wrote. I took a break from blogging as I have had a lot of things happening from the positives of preparing for a family wedding next month to the sadness of a loss of life also in our family. The great strength of all my family here pulling together like a tightly woven blanket. Here I have to praise the culture here for how family oriented it is. Each child in the family has got their parents and the addition of all their aunts and uncles who regard them with the same importance as their own children. And so in essence my son has many parents who would do anything to protect him which makes me feel safe that he has so many people who love him.
I am a great advocate of close families especially when they are all working together for a common aim.
Its one of the most amazing things to pop over the drive to my sister in law for a coffee and chat in her kitchen or sit outside on a sunny afternoon with an Arabic coffee and a hubbly bubbly filling the air with a delicious fruity smoke. My mother in law is the matriarch of the family and has a great amount of  love and wisdom for everyone. I especially love her softness and the protective urgency with which she watches over us- her brood. My father in law who's continuous need to create change and reinvent his environment not only have been driven by his desire to provide his family with a better life but has also motivated me to do more DIY in my own home. Each brother and sister in law has wonderful little characteristics I love them for- Sousou for her insight fullness, Razan for her sacrifice and humility and Tamara for her strength through adversity. Raed for his unquenchable interest in everything English from Rock and classical music through contemporary movies to comedy, Eyhab for his integrity and gentility, Rami for his healing and intelligence and Yeusuf for his innocence. But I couldn't forget my husband who has been a solid rock for me in my life here and who has helped me to take my first steps into life in a new culture as a British ex-pat. And I cannot express how much I love and appreciate him in my life.

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