Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Whats new in my world!!!!!!!

hi everyone from sweltering hot Jordan !!!!!!!!
I have been crazy busy recently as we are all getting ready for the wedding celebration of my brother in law Yeusuf to his sweetheart Sheemah which means our homes here will be crammed to bursting point with well wishing family members from Palestine. And over the next couple of days the final preparations will be made for the wedding and for the newly weds new home to be finished as well. So everyone is working hard at the moment. As well as all the arranging and organising my creative brain has been working overtime trying to make my living space mine before the in-laws descend. I didn't have a large budget as always and was making the majority of my new decor from recycled and re-purposed materials. Here's the results so I hope you like them. These ideas are very versatile and easy to replicate as well as the fact that you can really make them yours very easily. Just let the creative child within win over your adult rational  this time and you'll be pleasantly surprised by the results.

The Sun room

It is so easy to create a new look for patio furniture simply by sewing new covers for the cushions. No zips required!!!!!!!! Sew an envelope cover which in turn enables you to remove the cover and wash it when it gets dirty. So in theory you could make several sets and interchange them for a continuously fresh look. Similarly new cushion covers can add a bit of individuality to your room. I decorated my cushions with a variety of sewn and crocheted flowers in contrasting colours to add depth to my setting. I am a big believer in mixed textiles in the home as it really makes the environment cosy.

Add a garland and or decorations

Another idea is to make a bunting or decoration to change the look of your space. Its amazing how a simple seasonal garland or decoration can change the appearance  or your home in an instant and it can be as complex or as simple as you like.

Go GREEN!!!!!!

Lots of people overlook their porches but they are really useful spaces to have a small herb garden in as well as the first place guests pause in when visiting your home .I added some window awnings  a couple of chairs with bright cushions on, a couple of pieces of recycled art and a matching bunting as well as a wooden block with a peaceful quote on to help create a feeling of calm. I am also growing a herb pot garden on the window ledge which is great also as I have fresh herbs to hand as well as being a relaxing past time.


FINALLY reinventing your space doesn't need to break the bank !!!! especially as the majority of the time the wonderful decor photoed in glossy mags can be easily recreated at home with your handy sewing machine for less than half the cost!!!! Express yourself through your decor as individuality and originality could never exist if everyone had the same decor!!!!!!!

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