Monday, 18 June 2012

The Wedding festivities were very lonng !!!!lol

Well..... not actually  the festivities, but many family members who had  come from Palestine for the nuptials stayed on and made a holiday of it. I have had a fantastic few weeks as my father in law has finished constructing  a small enclosed swimming pool and kiddies pool so we have been out at that most days so that my son and his cousins can have a splash in the small pool. This week the larger pool has finally been filled so soon all the women in the family will have a swim too yay!!!!!!. Another perk is our pool has painted out perimeters for privacy but is open air so you get both sun, shade and a draught guard. I can't  wait to get swimming !!!!!

In the mean time!!!!

My list of things I really want to do but never seem to have the time is being put aside for the list of things I thought would be amazing to do on the spur and excitement of the moment but didn't really consider how much time they would consume and the list of everyday jobs I would possibly manage to finish if someone slipped me a few extra caffeine pills, not to mention a supper power or two ( I am sure Mary Poppins and wonder woman can spare a few!!!) lol.
Between making gifts for my husbands aunts who have not visited their sister in over ten years to helping make table mats for my new sister in law's bedside tables (means a lot less dusting- less dusting more fun!!!!) I have been staying up all hours at my sewing machine. Not that I am complaining I like the feeling of having a deadline and a goal to work towards,not to mention the smiles on the faces of my family when they see what I made for them. For me the cheesy anecdote 'Giving is better than recieving' actually is a contradiction. When you give someone something big or small (though the best gift is from the heart) the joy you feel when you see how happy they are is one of the most amazing experiences in life. So I would argue when you give a gift you receive so much more emotionally than what you have given out, but maybe this is what this clever under-rated saying was touching upon. That the joy of seeing others happiness is greater than actually winning the prise personally. And using this formula can we not live our lives in a more cherished manner. The heated debate at work we can step away from with dignity knowing the self respect we have gained  through giving someone the benefit of the doubt in every way  is greater than the reward we could have earned by unhinging a colleague in front of their piers. Or taking time out to help an elderly person who is carrying heavy bags home rather than pushing by on our way to where ever we are going. Is this ideal of giving rather than receiving more of a way of life and in itself a truly great principle by which to live our lives.This DOESN'T mean be a DOORMAT to everyone we meet!!!!!! NO!!!!! living an empathetic life does not mean loosing your self respect. The gift of giving is only within your personal reason It doesn't have to be a great big gift- it could be as simple as saying 'Thankyou' or opening the door for someone. But you just watch it will make your day all the more brighter not to mention theirs!!!