Saturday, 18 August 2012

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The most unfortunate event!

Unfortunately just as I was preparing to start up my blog a fresh my laptop broke and so I have not been able to write. That coupled with the fact that I will be going to visit family in the UK for a couple of months soon has meant I have been really busy , not to mention Ramadan which has been in the middle of it.Lots of cooking and praying and wonderful memories but not much time to rest let alone think about my redundant laptop.
We are now in the last week of Ramadan and are getting ready for Eid, which is a little like Christmas day for Christians. We all put on our new party clothes we have bought in the last week of Ramadaan and have a lovely meal together and an afternoon of just simply enjoying each others company. One of the best parts of this day is that due to the fact that the women are given a rest from all the Ramadan cooking we usually buy a feast from am outside restaurant which means less time over the stove and less washing up phew!!!!!!!. Family's play music and their small children, dressed in their new attire jump onto the nearest table to show  how good they are at Arabic traditional dance. There is a lot of whooping and dancing and laughter and nobody thinks about anything seriously. Then the men retire to a corner to discuss politics and family issues whilst the women and children continue the family disco. The euphoria is quite amazing . Thankful that the days of fasting are over, thankful that the days of being sleep deprived are over and thankful that life can get back to normal. But also sadness that such a time in which all people are united by a common goal is over for another year. A time in which strangers invite those on the streets with less than them to come into their homes to break their fasts. A time when people forget their differences and patch their arguments of the past year up, A time in which those in need are freely helped without the need for  anything in return.
It reminds me of the reason I became Muslim in the first place. I spent my whole life wishing that one religion or belief structure was not enough to unite all the worlds cultures. There had to be some hidden link between all of them which meant that the whole world was right in their beliefs just didn't necessarily have the full picture. And for me Islam connected them all. Which is why being Muslim I am not therefore forgetting Christ or Moses or Abraham but remembering all the religious leaders of the world in unison. It just so happens the Islamic focus is on Muhammad and Christ. It doesn't forget the others by a long shot!!!!It makes me happy to think that I can still remember Christ , maybe with a different title but still with importance, just as I remember Moses. This life makes me feel as though I am more connected to the rest of the world.

Anyway that's my religious manifesto of sorts lol!!!!! News wise my fantastic sister in law is engaged to a lovely local man so that means more celebrations towards Christmas. As I said before I am going to the UK for a couple of months so lots of family parties then. As soon as I manage to get a laptop sorted I will write my blog again. I may get a chance in the UK. And post some traditional English recipes I have been literally waiting a year for my mother to cook. Nobody cooks like your mum anywhere in the world. I may also put some pictures of the breathtaking countryside where I live so keep posted.
So ciao for now ( I have to go clean up quick and go help my family in law clean theirr huge house ready for Eid tomorrow)
Bye!!!!! :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))