Sunday, 27 January 2013

My hearty winter Supper

Now firstly before I start the recipe I have to say something about pressure cookers. I know that they have, in many homes been safely tidied away along with VHS tapes and 1980s fashion trends you really would not now be seen dead in. But It is actually a really healthy way to cook and takes a surprisingly little effort to use. And within half the normal cooking time you have a cosy meal which will make you feel hugged inside without the guilt you might have had if you had roasted your chicken or meat in the oven in oil. Sooooo

For the soup and grilled chicken-
Chicken Cut into 4 pieces
3 Bay leaves
large cinnamon stick broken into pieces
!/2 Cabbage
4 carrots
1 Onion
chicken stock cubes

(I am adding an extra part to the preparation of the chicken which is the cleaning of the chicken)

Cleaning the chicken

This isn't something I used to do before I moved to Jordan but I have since found it actually does make the chicken taste better. Don't ask me how lol but I think it does.
So basically I usually clean the chicken by rubbing salt in to it with some lemon juice and leaving it to sit for abut 5 minutes before rinsing it in clean cool water.

Cooking method

1.Now place the chicken into a pressure cooker. Or if you don't have one you could use a large pan ( however the cooking time would be considerably longer).
2. Add 3-4 pieces of cinnamon stick, Bay leaves and salt and pepper and cook set to boil.
3.For pressure cookers put it on a high heat for about 10 minutes and then reduce to a low heat for the remainder of the 45 minutes. With a pan heat high for 10 minutes and then low for the remainder of the hour or so it takes to cook. make sure the chicken is thoroughly cooked by taking a piece from the liquid and sticking a knife into it. If the juices run clear its cooked.
4. Remove the cooked chicken from the liquid and place on a baking tray and grill until the skin is nicely crispy. ( I know but that's the only fattening bit so treat yourself )
5. Now add chicken stock cubes to the liquid and also the pre-prepared vegetables and simmer until they are cooked.
6. Add extra salt and pepper if desired and serve

Winter Salad


1/2Red cabbage
1/2 lettuce
4-5 spring onions
wholegrain mustard
extra virgin olive oil


1.Chop ingredients and place in a bowl. Now this is down to your preference as you might like your salad chunky or you might like everything finely cut.
2. mix wholegrain mustard in a mug with olive oil salt and pepper.
3. Pour a little over the salad and toss so that all the leaves are evenly coated and serve with the soup and grilled chicken.
So there you are an incredibly satisfying meal which warms you thoroughly and keeps you cosy during the cold months. Not to mention its easy to make, cheap and if you cook a large batch of soup can keep you going for two days so no need to cook the next day.

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