Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Finally have the camera sorted out yay

My first new pictures are of an evening this last week giving my son some time outside to play with his cousins in the warm afternoon sunshine. 

Zak had a good scamper and climb over the small play area my father in law has constructed over the years.

Riding his small bike past the infant size big wheel my father in law built donkeys years ago which has, unfortunatly fallen into disrepair. I had a ride on it once. It was a rather jerky experience and I felt like I was going to loose all my dinner all at once but you have to give it to him he did at least attempt to create what most of us dream about.

Passing past my sister in laws balcony on our way home for tea. Another construction of my father in law aparantly loosely based around the design of a wine glass.

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