Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Time to tidy my nest

Well this isn't my nest lol but it illustrates the idea of home lol. Am being a bit arty with my photos now I can actually get them on the net yay again. My parents are going to come over in the next week and half so I am doing a big sort out of my home ( to be truthful their visit is a good excuse to get it all done now) I can be quite a big procrastinator lol. Especially if its a choice between doing the dishes and trying out a new crochet/knitting pattern or craft or even recipe lol. Living here in Jordan has its negatives and that comes in the form of dust. Because of the nature of the landscape here  there is a lot of sandy dust and it comes in the homes very easily , when you open the window to air your house or through the door. So everything needs dusting every week otherwise it builds up a lot!!!!! But on the positive flip side cleaning my home gives me a good excuse to listen to music with a fast beat and get in some exercise at the same time. Clean and keep fit which is good cos then I don't have to compartmentalise my hour for exercises every day and I also get the housework done faster. Another added bonus is that my Son has been joining in with the mad dancing and its been a fun time for us both.
I am cooking Molokia Djaj today for dinner and have already been over to see my sister in law to 'borrow' some chicken quarters lol as am running low. I have the best sisters in law ever. Oh will definitely write the recipe for Molokia Djaj which by the way is really delicious and by coincidence provably my favourite Arabic dish.
To everyone reading this blog hope you have a lovely day and smell the roses if just for a moment. Life is soo busy that we often forget to simply be because we are so buy being mothers, fathers, office workers and fulfilling certain roles sometimes its better to just be. I am definitely tell this to myself as well as everyone else lol. So I am going to have a bit of home spa time today.

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