Saturday, 6 April 2013

Blooming Spring!!!!!

Just thought I'd post some lovely pictures as today it seems Spring it finally here. In our garden the flowers  have been showing off in their full glory and the sunshine has been fantastic. Its quite difficult at first to imagine such green plants in what is known as the 4th driest country in the world. But for the few spring months this otherwise parched landscape transforms into a lush land with vegetation which at times reminds me of the rolling fields of  France and Italy .

At this time the wild flowers accompany the roses my family in law planted along the drive and the whole place becomes a wonderful colourful mass.
I am starting to plan my projects for April and beyond and my new study plan for the next year which is going to include exercises care of Tiffany Rothe, language studies care of Livemochecafe and of course fresh knitting and crochet projects to get my teeth into from the legendary I can't wait!!!!

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