Thursday, 11 April 2013

I got a bit busy yesterday so I will add two favourite things about life today

1. Potatoes, the most amazing carb on the planet. Great for a winter warmer. Mashed potato and gravy is amazing when the rain is pelting against the window with no sign of stopping. The wonderful jacket potatoes- crispy crunchy on the outside and warm a fluffy inside absolutely heavenly with a bit of butter. Actually talking about the humble spud I had a bit of a food craving today as I sometimes do. And found myself sat in front of the most amazing plate of egg and chips ever. It took me back to my grandmothers kitchen on "win hill" . Sitting in the warm haze of her Aga. Or fish and chip Thursdays when My dad and me used to disappear into the local countryside with our pungent newspaper wrapped parcels of bliss.
What a lovely excuse for a comfort food day. mmmmm\
2.Frosty mornings. When the air you exhale steams into the atmosphere like the smoke from an old train funnel. When the ground is stiff and crispy crunchy when stepped on. The chill in the air which makes you thankful for having a warm coat wound about you.

 The beautiful way the frosty flowers sparkle in the morning sunlight. And the way it makes everything look bejewelled.

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