Tuesday, 16 April 2013

I have been away as my internet connection ran out of steam!!!

I have a pay as you go internet connection and unfortunately it ran out of steam so had to wait till my lovely husband topped it up again. Thank you hubby by the way for that!!!!!. Today my favourite thing about life is my faith in something greater than me. The feeling that whatever happens everything will work out ok . I have had this emotion since I was a child. And through every trial and tribulation I encountered I always knew however difficult the challenge or grave the situation that I would always some how come out of it stronger and in a better place than I had been before. Some people may say this has a simalarity to the popular idea 'the secret' , and I can see that. But I have felt this way all my life and have only read the secret inthe last few years ( care of my dear mum) . And have always found this to be true. So I am thankful for this security I have due to what I call Allah. Which ironicly is the same entity that others call god or jehovah. And this makes me feel more connected with the rest of the world and their faiths rather than disconnected. If we are all praying to the same god, are protected by the same god is it not wonderful that we can all be united in this one most important link. The unifying nature of having that faith is the thing which causes everyday miricles to occur and magical times to come into our lives.

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