Sunday, 7 April 2013

My favourite thing about life

Yes! its coffee!!! I absolutely love coffee. From the foamy cappuccino through the milky latte and on towards the shots of short sharp espresso coffee which just kick start your day. I have to say I have not got a favourite type of coffee as they all have their place and time. The cappuccino and latte for when out shopping, the espresso when I need to wake up after not much sleep lol. The aromatic Turkish coffee for a family gathering and of course the caramel Machiato for moment s of pure indulgence. For me a day out shopping with my mum would never be complete without a moment in the afternoon collapsing in a Starbucks and diving into a steaming mug of coffee whilst viewing the mass of purchases made during the morning. Here in Jordan the Turkish coffees have been the beverage of choice over which marriage proposals have been discussed, family disputes resolved and new births celebrated. The tradition of coffee drinking is just as deeply rooted into society as the customary taking of tea was once to the British. And although I have not totally given up on my cup of Yorkshire tea I have to admit I have been more converted to the drinking of coffee since I moved continent and so I have to acknowledge this is one of my favourite things of being alive.

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